Sunday, May 5, 2013

White Belt - Yellow Belt: A Guest Post

Mario Castro Jr. is a new student of Kajukembo under Sigung Burt Vickers and has written an essay describing what he has learned in his progress to Yellow Belt. His perspective is well-thought out and captures the core of Kajukembo. 
White Belt - Yellow Belt
Mario Castro Jr., Student of Sigung Burt Vickers, K.S.D.S.

Being a new student to GM R. Peralta’s KAJUKEMBO SELF DEFENSE SYSTEMS, I am attempting to explain what would be (in my opinion) the most important lesson to be learned at this level. That would be, one’s own balance. In order to understand why, we must first look at a primary dogma taught to students. Within K.S.D.S. we must understand our principle of speed, power, and accuracy which coincide with mind, body, and spirit.

To the right, is a chart which I will use to explain my theory. As you can see there are two columns and  three rows. It is to be read from top to bottom and left to right.

1.       Accuracy : Mind
2.       Power : Body
3.       Speed : Spirit

First, let us begin with the mind, where all things like ideas and imagination live. The Dojo is where we have new seeds of ideas planted by our Teacher. We are to do our best to remember the techniques taught while using our imagination during personal practice.  Slowly, thru meditating on the actions being performed, we begin the search for mental balance. As we continue on we see the beginning of patience within ourselves with the creation of discipline and only a glimpse of accuracy.

The body, which is used by the mind to move from one area to the other and to suffer the tension of muscles while maintaining a stance. We begin to understand the use of our bodies and the power it can create within a limited space. This is also the purpose of the octagon, to use it for our movement, attack and defense of self. We learn to use angles, lines and circles to create opportunity, disruption of balance, and weight transfer.  Finding balance while performing actions is like a child learning to walk for the first time, first falling then tripping and finally stepping with confidence. We are told to,” put our hip into it” or “drop your weight” but we will always lack power if we do not have stability which comes from balance.

Finally, speed will give us quick reflexes to what our spirit “feels” in the area. Some people call it a sixth sense, the repeated practice to create muscle memory which saves us from thinking. That precious moment when we need to react thru our senses, the tingling in the back of our neck, which warns us of danger. It becomes natural to not think but to just be in the moment as it is not as we think it is. Again, this can only be achieved by mastering the first two principles for if our mind has no accuracy, our body cannot generate power and our spirit will not be allowed to control our speed properly.

If one so chooses, in our crest we can see this in the root which is the clover. Three circles balanced on the tip of the triangle (circles & lines). Growing out of the basic techniques the three must be in balance in order to reach for the perfection of chi within.

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