Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kajukembo Tattoos

Well, it has been a long time since I've posted anything; I've been extremely busy and simply haven't had the time. Excuses aside, I got some great material for a quick post, so I decided to make the time.

As mentioned before, Kajukembo is an art that requires training with contact to develop toughness and confidence, and to prepare the practitioner for a real-world self-defense scenario. Because of this, it is common to experience bruises, swelling, and sore joints. In fact, bruises are often shown off and worn as a badge of honor among Kajukembo practitioners; a tattoo of sorts. "Hey, dude! Check this one out," is commonly overheard.

We just got a new white belt student and he has already earned his. We're not quite sure if he bruises easily or if we just upped the ante a bit to test whether he really wanted to be there, but he's been a really good sport about his new Kajukembo tattoos. Either way, I'm certain he's just waiting for his skills to progress to the point that he can repay the favor.

This is the result of a limb destruction technique we use to incapacitate the arm of an attacker making it weaker and less effective as a weapon for the remainder of an altercation.

These bruises on the body need little explanation; they're from rib and sternum strikes.

One thing to keep in mind is that these were delivered by the smallest guy in the group. Tim (a 2nd degree Brown belt at this time) may only weigh 145 pounds but he hits like a truck. That's a testament to the power of training and technique over size and raw strength.